Thank you for helping to protect our ocean!


I am on a mission to strengthen the connection we have with ourselves through meditative and peaceful ocean art that shifts our focus to the beauty of life below the surface.

The ocean has always been a constant source of inspiration and peace for me. This is why 5 % of every sale goes toward 1 of 4 ocean conservation trusts at the end of every month.


Ripple Effects Beyond the Canvas

With each artwork that beautifies your room, you become a guardian of the sea. Every purchase you make has the power to move the needle and create lasting positive change. Let's take a closer look at some incredible initiatives and organizations that you are supporting with every purchase.



༄ Canadian Sea Turtle Network

Works tirelessly to study and protect sea turtles and their habitats in Canadian waters, ensuring their survival for future generations.


༄ Canadian Whale Institute: 

Dedicates itself to research and conservation efforts to safeguard whale populations in Canadian waters and beyond.


༄ Oceana Canada:

Leading the charge in creating policies that protect and restore the health of our ocean and our marine environments.


༄ Coral Vita:

Is on a mission to restore our coral reefs through innovative solutions that promote reef resilience and biodiversity.


THANK YOU! You are helping to protect marine life and their habitat for future generations.


With love,