Did you know?

That being in or near water can transport you to a meditative state of calm?

Reawaken your senses and let peace flow into your day by immersing yourself in the mesmerizing beauty and wonder of the ocean

ripple effects beyond the canvas

With each artwork that beautifies your home you become a guardian of the sea.

5% of every purchase you make supports ocean conservation and creates lasting positive change.


THE OASIS Collection

Hit pause on life's pressures and breathe again - immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility.

Inspired by the magical moment witnessed of a sea turtle laying her eggs at Onda Beach in Costa Rica last year.

My wish was to preserve and share the pure joy and magic I felt in that moment and tell the rest of the story I imagined for her hatchlings in the form of a 5 piece art collection.


Meet The Artist

Hi I'm Katherine!

I'm a marine life artist living in Ontario, Canada after spending my childhood along the Pacific Coast of Lima, Peru.

My connection with the ocean is larger than our languages can describe. It's the feeling of the sea running through me, guiding every leap of faith I take, every intention to discover who I am, and ultimately what has kept my spirit alive.

I can only describe it with the universal language we all speak: Emotion.

ART is simply how I channel it, but it has always been a part of me even before I understood the power of what that meant in my life...

Art that calms the mind, awakens the soul, and supports ocean conservation with every piece sold!

Want to see the creation process?

Follow my journey on Instagram @katherinepolack for real time inspiration and creation!