About the Artist

Katherine is a Canadian mixed media seascape artist who resides surrounded by nature and inspiration less than an hour east of Toronto. 

"Being near water evokes a calming and magical sensation that seems to freeze time. The power of the ocean has an ever-changing beauty which I love to depict in my work".

The inspiration for Katherine’s work comes from her upbringing in Lima, Peru where she and her family would spend endless summers at the beach. The unpredictable beauty of the sea is her main influence which helps her depict the complexity, yet tranquility of the waves. 


After returning home from a trip to Australia in 2017, Katherine’s childhood memories of the sea became prominent and she felt overcome with a sense of urgency to paint. What started out as a pass time on her days off, quickly became an everyday obsession.


Depending on the day, Katherine will switch between painting acrylic seascapes on canvas to woodworking and creating river boards and ocean inspired home decor products. I love immersing myself in an abstract acrylic or resin pour. “I love working with resin to remind myself that it’s okay to not always have full control in art and in life. We often neglect our passions in life due to busy schedules. Remember to always allot some time to one thing you enjoy doing because it is your life to live and no one else’s.”


"The best things in life are often waiting just on the other side of fear." - WS


Photography by Katherine Polack