About the Artist

Tranquil art that connects our feelings of joy, freedom, and inner peace with the purity of marine life and the power of the ocean

I'm a Canadian-Peruvian ocean artist living in a small town in Clarington, Ontario surrounded by nature.  I use visual storytelling to highlight the beauty of marine life while bringing awareness to ocean conservation.

Every purchase supports ocean conservation through donations to Oceana Canada, Canadian Sea Turtle Network, & Canadian Whale Institute (rotating between them every month).

Using calming blue hues and smooth gradients to evoke a sense of tranquility while simultaneously channeling the brightness of my cultural upbringing through bold brushstrokes and vibrant colours, I ultimately hope to create a conversation where we can explore the positive impact that nature has on us.

How art found me...

The years I spent during my childhood along the Pacific Coast in Lima, Peru are at the root of my artwork. My work is inspired by both ocean conservation initiatives and my travel adventures focused on marine life exploration.

Art has always been residing in me before I even realized its magnitude. From  after school and Saturday morning cartoon sketches at the age of 6, and a still life painting class at the age of 7, I became obsessed with creating art.

Photograph by Sarah Mann 

At the age of 9, I moved to Canada with my family. My brother and I spent our first summer sketching and renting library books to help us improve our drawing skills. For an unexplained reason, when summer ended, so did my appetite for art.

18 years later, I was standing in the middle of my apartment staring at an empty living room wall and had the wild idea of going all out and creating a 30 x 40" large painting of three penguins after not having picked up a paintbrush since childhood. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a new path.

The following year, my husband and I traveled to Australia and my memories of the sea came flooding back to reignite my deep rooted connection with the ocean.

Since then, I have not been able to turn back...